About the farm

  • 600 cairy cattle
  • 440 young cattle
  • 300 ha land
  • 12.000 kilo cheese per week
  • International supplier

Our cattle

Dairy cows

At our farm we have more than 500 dairy cows. They live in the 2005 newly built stable. In 2012 we expanded this stable with 300 stalls, so the stable can now host up to 500 cows.
From spring till October our dairy cows stay outside. At night the dairy cows stay inside. Twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, our cows get milked in the rotating milk stable, with 24 milking points. The amount of milk per cow is registered in the computer. In the grazing season the ration of our cows consists of grass and at night it consists of silage and corn. In winter they eat silage, pulp and corn. Throughout the year this ration is supplemented with cereals, which they get from one of the seventeen feeding boxes, with protein feeds.


Our heifers, a total of 330, are divided between two stables. After they are born, they are placed in one of the calf boxes and after about 10 days they are moved to the pens with straw, where they can drink milk from drinking machines. Depending on their age, they live in different sections of this stable. At the age of 1, they are bred to become a dairy cow at our breeding firm in Gouderak. One month before they calve, they return to our farm and calve. Then they have become a dairy cow.