About the farm

  • 600 cairy cattle
  • 440 young cattle
  • 300 ha land
  • 12.000 kilo cheese per week
  • International supplier

Cheese making proces

The cows are milked
The milk gets pumped into the cheese reservoirs in the cheese making facility
Amongst other things starter culture and rennet is added to the milk, so the milk gets thick. After curdling/stirring etc. for two hours there is curd and whey.
Next the curd is pumped into the draining reservoir
The curd and whey are separated from each other
The curd is pressed into one big chunk
Next the chunks get cut and are placed in moulds
The cheese will be pressed now for over 5 hours and will be turned over halfway through
The cheeses have to remain in the brine bath for several days in order to create flavor and crust.
In the storage room the cheeses get plasticized several times on both sides to prevent them from drying out and for the solidity
After plasticizing the cheeses have to ripe.